IT Strategy and Digital Transformation Services

Our professional services are not only grounded in deploying human capital. We can recruit and staff both traditional project-based engagements, as well as supplement other functions in the firm that might include:Ÿ

  • CEO/CIO Advisory services
  • Strategic Pricing work
  • IT Vision and Strategy definition
  • IT Resourcing
  • Brand Strategy definition and implementation

Confluence International provides a full range of services that facilitate Digital Transformation and business enhancement.

  • Conduct digital transformation research to identify and develop an appropriate business model
  • Provide advisory services
  • Develop and document customer experience standards
  • Facilitate digitization of resources
  • Incorporate digital into operational processes to drive efficiencies
  • Leverage Social Media along with holistic intelligence (BI,MI & CI) to provide service, gain insight and build business
  • Educate and train organization about the use and benefits of big data and analytics
  • Build and manage (as required) digital IT platforms

Go Digital and Create a Winning, Enduring Business

Confluence International has the expertise, tools and resources to help you transform and enhance your business.

  • Connect with customers via digital platforms
  • Create targeted messaging
  • Monitor customer journeys to create a better experience
  • Create a high quality, differentiated brand image
  • Provide an omnichannel experience to drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Stay ahead and leverage emerging technologies to continually enhance the customer experience and your business