DYG202X – Double Your Growth

Doubling the top line (revenue) and bottom line (profit) of the organizations through a deep assessment of the current capabilities, market trends, customer requirements, technological trends and evolving effective strategies.

This involves broadly the following stages of activities:

  • Indepth assessment of current performance and capacity/ capabilities in terms of market position, customers, product/ service delivery, efficiencies, effectiveness, infrastructure, resource capabilities, technology use, people capabilities, etc.
  • Identify key success factors for the business and determine improvement actions in terms immediate, short term and long term perspective.
  • Prepare a road map for doubling the growth in terms of Revenue Growth or Profit Growth and the timelines for the same.
  • Forming an internal core team to work on specific initiatives identified to achieve breakthrough improvements
  • Address the change management initiatives needed for sustaining the improvements.
  • Implement the plans and initiative and close monitoring of the same to ensure achievement of the milestones determined as per road map.
  • Institutionalization of the improvements achieved

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Growth Progress Success

This program is oriented towards helping an organization evolve and implement initiatives to achieve what we call A TOTAL ENTERPRIZE.

A Total Enterprise is an organization which successfully creates happiness for all its interested parties/ stakeholders.  It is an organization that excels in all facets of business in terms of

  • creating environment friendly, cost effective and highly effective & efficient products and services,
  • provides growth opportunities for its employees,
  • fosters entrepreneurial skills of its associates such as employees, suppliers & service providers,
  • contributes towards protection of environment
  • contributes towards economic growth of the areas where they operate
  • contributes towards well being of the surrounding society

We at Confluence can help you in mapping the current state, prepare a road map and help your organization become a TOTAL ENTERPRIZE.

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Balanced Scorecard Deployment

Balanced Scorecard is one of the most effective strategy planning and management framework or methodology across the globe. We have consultants with handson experience in deploying balanced scorecard across industry domains.

Strategy execution challenges:

Most of the organizations fail to live up to their potential because of poor execution than poor strategies.  In a world driven by rapidly evolving technologies, breaking of barriers to business, cultural challenges for businesses the legacy principles of scale do not matter. What matters for businesses is speed and adaptability. This exactly is wherever creating a strategy map to achieve your own business vision becomes imperative.

We at confluence help you articulate shared vision for your organization, translate your passion to solutions that are valued by customers, make speed and adaptability key factors in your work culture and drive breakthrough performance improvements using balanced scorecard.

To know more about Balanced Scorecard, you may download the “Balanced Scorecard – An Introduction”.

Top Five pitfalls in Strategy Execution are as follows:

  1. Unclear goals
  2. Improper alignment of actions to goals and goals to strategy
  3. Poor tracking of progress
  4. Nonalignment of People with strategy
  5. Not focusing on leading indicators

For any organization to succeed and achieve a sustainable growth, the Success Formula is,

Success = Strategy Formulation + Strategy Execution
Strategy Execution = Organization’s Capability

Organization’s capability = Processes + People Skills + Resources

Many surveys address that strategy execution is more difficult than the strategy formulation. As such for an organization to achieve sustainable results, it requires them to go beyond formulating a strategy to successfully executing the strategy. Balanced Scorecard introduced by Kaplan and Nortan has been proven in helping organizations to successfully execute their strategy.

Balanced Scorecard is defined as a framework for translating strategy into operational targets and actionable points, which influence the behavior of people and processes and thus their performance.

The balanced scorecard provides executives with a comprehensive framework that translates a company’s vision and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures.

Traditionally the Balanced Scorecard is used for establishing a performance management system, the best of Balanced Scorecard can be realized when it is used as a strategy deployment framework combined with performance management.

Balanced scorecard helps organizations identify the performance measures across the four perspectives viz., Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning and Growth.
(Financial Perspective) Financial Measures – these are generally short term and actions to improve on these measures show immediate results. Financial measures are lagging indicators and tell us about our past performance. Some examples of Financial Measures – RONA, Profitability, etc.

(Customer Perspective) Customer measures – these are generally medium to long term and actions to improve on these measures might take several months or years to show tangible results such as financial benefits or improved market share, etc. Some examples of these measures are Market Share, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Customer Profitability, Life Time Value of a Customer, etc.

(Internal Business Process Perspective) Internal performance measures – these are generally medium term and actions to improve on these measures take longer to show tangible results in terms of financial benefits or benefits to customers. Some examples for these measures include Productivity, Capacity utilization, Equipment availability, Defect Rate, Yield, Lead Times/ Cycle Times, etc.
(Learning and Growth Perspective) Learning and Growth measures – these are always long term; Actions to improve on these measures might take years to show tangible results. Some examples of these measures include People Skills, automations, technology adaptations, systems and processes, etc.

Our consultants help client organizations identify the factors which would result in competitive edge for the organization and translate the same into operational targets. The process helps organizations to identify the processes in which organizations should excel to stay ahead of competition and create value for its customers. To know more details on how Balanced Scorecard can accelerate your business, mail us on consult@confluenceworld.com