Supply Chain Optimization services are focused on improving the supply chain performance by elimination of waste from the supply chain & improving supplier capabilities thereby increase value delivery to end customers

Currently these services are mainly focused on Supplier Capability Assessment to evaluate and assess the capabilities of the suppliers of client organization to meet the requirements of the organization and its end customers.

Our consultants would engage in terms of identifying the need of aligning suppliers with the organization’s overall business strategy. Based on the criticality, we shall collaborate in terms of identifying the capability requirements and evaluation & assessment criteria. Based on the assessment criteria, all the suppliers shall be assessed and a feedback would be given to the organization and also individual suppliers for initiating improvement / capability building actions.

The criteria may include various parameters but not limited to the following:

  • Supplier Top Management Commitment
  • Customer Focus
  • Employee Involvement
  • People Capability
  • Processes and Systems
  • Management Controls
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Technology
  • Operational performance such as OTIF, Defect Rate, etc.
  • Improvement Focus

The criteria shall be identified based on the strategic needs of the client organization to ensure proper strategic fit.