Confluence World
Delivering Integrated Sustainable Development Solutions

As part of the Customized Training Service Offering, we design programs to meet our client’s specific requirements. Such requirements could be varied, such astraining solutions

  1. A training program could be delivered in multiple short sessions to ensure better retention of knowledge/ skills gained.
  2. Profile of participants
  3. Specific objectives laid out.
  4. Training followed up with implementation guidance, etc.

We understand client’s needs and design a training program to effectively achieve the objectives set. This may broadly involve the following activities:

  1. Competency mapping
  2. Competency Assessment
  3. Training Need Identification
  4. Training Program Design
  5. Conducting Trainings
  6. Implementation
  7. ROI Assessment

In case interested, please mail with contact details, so that our consultants can talk to you.