Confluence World
Delivering Integrated Sustainable Development Solutions

Confluence provides training and facilitation services for ensuring effective implementation of management systems models and capability maturity models such as

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System RequirementsMS
  • ISO / TS 16949 – Automotive Sector Specific Standard
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Standard
  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System Requirements
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System Requirements
  • ISO 28001 – Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain
  • SA 8000 – Social Accountability Standard
  • CMMI – Capability Maturity Model Integrated for IT industries

Confluence assists their clients in effective implementation of various business management systems like quality management system, environmental management system and safety management system.

The implementation methodology of Aspire1 Confluence is designed in order to ensure that

  • The essence of the standards applied is spread across the organization.
  • People understand the fundamentals of the latest management concepts
  • Organization gains in terms of improved business results

The purpose of ISO standards is to provide a model for organizations to establish systems and processes, which lead to an effective management approach towards businesses.

The implementation of these services spans over six phases:

Phase 1
Project Kickoff and Baseline Assessment
Create Buy-in, Demonstrate Management Commitment, Understanding current Business Processes, Freeze L-0 Business Process Model

Phase 2
Goal Setting
Drill down business objectives to measurable process objectives and determine key performance indicators for each business process

Phase 3
Evolving To-Be Processes and Process Definitions
Preparation of Apex Manual, Process Maps, Operating Procedures, Guidelines and other documents as required

Phase 4
Training and Implementation
Training of personnel, implementation, initiation of improvement projects

Phase 5
Verification and Review
Internal Audits, Management Reviews

Phase 6
Certification and Project Closing.
Pre-assessment and Registration Assessment / Certification by third party

A typical Systems implementation consulting service provided includes broadly two type of activities:


  • Baseline Assessment
  • Policy and Objectives Formulation
  • Mapping of As-Is Processes and Evolving To-Be Processes
  • Guiding the team in preparation of Plans for achieving objectives formulated
  • Documentation (Procedures, Checklists, etc.) where required
  • Guiding the team in effective implementation of systems
  • Internal Auditing


  • Process Management Concepts and Documentation
  • Interpretation of Applicable management principles such as Eight Management Principles, Environmental Management Principles and Clauses at appropriate levels
  • Internal Auditing
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Application of Statistical Techniques, as required

Benefits of Management System Implementation

  • Aligning of processes with overall organizational objectives.
  • Improved Measurability
  • Process focused organization and hence resulting in value delivery to customers.
  • Aligning of people to organizational objectives.
  • Helps in focusing all improvement initiatives to ensure business impact.
  • Results in improved effectiveness and efficiencies of processes and hence organization.

Integrated Business Management Perspective

Confluence can help client organizations in establishing an Integrated Business Management System which would encompass all
management systems thus resulting in

  • Alignment of all management systems with overall organization’s vision, mission, values, strategy and objectives
  • Reduced effort in managing all management systems
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • In-Sync management systems
  • Integrated system – breaking the individual “silos”