In today’s growing markets have provided plenty of opportunities for the right skilled persons and at the time is throwing a great challenge of employee retention for organizations. With an attrition of 25% to 30%, it becomes difficult for the organizations to retain people and sustain the improvement initiatives. This exactly is where Confluence International brings a solution through it Resource Augmentation Services to ensure continuity in the improvement initiatives and sustaining the benefits accrued by client organizations.

Resource Augmentation services are offered for specialized roles in the areas of Quality, Business Process Management, Lean SixSigma and Lean domains. These services would complement the consulting services provided by ensuring continuity in the initiatives through engaging consultants on a full time basis at client locations.

Confluence International has an internal Competency Building Program, wherein the candidates are provided with the knowledge and skills required for handling specific roles of change agents at client organizations.

The program ensures that the candidates develop the consulting skills to act as catalysts in the breakthrough improvement initiatives.

Note: Confluence International values its relationship with the clients for other services and strongly believes in ethical business practices. In line with our code of ethics, Confluence International doesn’t recruit personnel from client organizations.