Growth Strategy Consulting Services are aimed at moving the organizations to next level through systematic and custom designed initiatives based on organization’s products, markets, internal culture and capabilities.

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Many businesses don’t grow because

  • the promoters are happy with what they have achieved and are in comfort zones,
  • poor planning and mostly poor execution,
  • everyone in the organization busy working one level below than what they should be doing
  • gap between maturity levels of second level management team and the promoters
  • lack of capabilities to leverage the market trends,
  • not leveraging internet to reach out all markets/ customers segments

We help our clients with customized training and consulting initiatives to enable businesses to move to the next level.  We at Confluence bringin vast hands on experience of our consultants, across geographies and industry sectors, to help you build capabilities of your organization, equip your teams and help your organization to transform to achieve your growth objectives. We offer customized solutions build on your own organization’s cases backed by our consulting approach that has helped our clients develop and execute effective strategies that create more enterprise value. Our collaborative approach of consulting service and work closely with your teams ensures sustained results, profitable growth and thus creating greater enterprise value.

Such interventions broadly address the following:

  • Bridge the gap between the potential and performance of your organization
  • Develop a comprehensive business strategy oriented to deliver higher value for your customers.
  • Transform your company to realize its full potential, now as well as in the future, by building people capabilities, improving business processes, using the available infrastructure to its fullest level, ensuring right metrics and effective decision making in the organization.
  • Develop IT strategies that align with your core business strategy and propel you to gain significant position, become most favored status with your customers by leveraging digital technologies to improve the value you deliver to your customers.
  • Leverage the power of proven tools and techniques that facilitate identification and deliver what customers value most, exceptional service, build better products and services, broadening revenue streams that go beyond the traditional approaches, improved execution skills, improve operational performance, .
  • Unleashing the potential of your team members to conceive and execute the new ideas and new initiatives that would fuel your strategy.

Service Delivery Models:

Growth Strategy programs are designed and delivered to our clients based on their size, industry sector, markets focused, current maturity of practices and processes and their vision.

Broadly the service delivery models are structured as below: