Key Objective:

Doubling the top line (revenue) and bottom line (profit) of the organizations through a deep assessment of the current capabilities, market trends, customer requirements, technological trends and evolving effective strategies.

This involves broadly the following stages of activities:

  • Indepth assessment of current performance and capacity/ capabilities in terms of market position, customers, product/ service delivery, efficiencies, effectiveness, infrastructure, resource capabilities, technology use, people capabilities, etc.
  • Identify key success factors for the business and determine improvement actions in terms immediate, short term and long term perspective.
  • Prepare a road map for doubling the growth in terms of Revenue Growth or Profit Growth and the timelines for the same.
  • Forming an internal core team to work on specific initiatives identified to achieve breakthrough improvements
  • Address the change management initiatives needed for sustaining the improvements.
  • Implement the plans and initiative and close monitoring of the same to ensure achievement of the milestones determined as per road map.
  • Institutionalization of the improvements achieved

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