Business Process Modeling Services are aimed at achieving process standardization and driving operational efficiencies


Business Process Modelling Service includes identification of high value business processes, drilling down business processes in a logical manner to achieve standardization and to a level, wherein the value can be defined and process needs to be managed.

Business Process Modeling Services help organizations achieve consistency through standardization, operations which are scalable and replicable.

Confluence International has a unique approach to mapping processes using SIPOC and Swimlane Methods.

Relate processes to business objectives and determine the process objectives and process metrics to the drive the process behavior and enable achievement of business objectives.

Process Map also helps in revisiting the processes to identify Non-Value Adding Tasks and eliminate the same to improve the process performance

Service Delivery Methodology

Step 1 – Identify Business Processes

Step 2 – Map the “As-Is” Processes

Step 3 – Define the Process Objectives and Process Metrics

Step 4 – Revisit the processes and evolve “To-Be” Processes

Step 5 – Implement the revised processes to achieve operational improvements.